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Medical Tourism Guwahati

International Patients

The lush green state of Assam, is emerging medical tourism destination for the following reasons:

  • Highly qualified and experienced clinical team

  • Standards of care and clinical practices that have been accredited by national and International healthcare agencies

  • High quality medical services available at a low cost

  • Care that is well supported by latest medical technology and infrastructure offered through super specialty hospitals

   •    English speaking medical staff

   •    Shorter waiting time for surgeries and procedures

   •    Well connected by Air

   •    Lush environment and moderate weather throughout the year

   •    Tourist locations varying from riverside to hill stations spread across the state


Palon ReWalk is centrally located in Dispur, Guwahati in the state of Assam offers world class care in over 40 medical specialties to medical tourists from across the globe.



The International Patient Care HelpDesk at Palon ReWalk functions as a single-window to all the services during your stay in India. From registration to discharge, our team will help you move seamlessly to offer you the best of medical care.
We also help you plan your itinerary better by providing a tentative treatment plan on the basis of emailed medical reports.
When planning to travel to Guwahati, Assam (India) for medical treatment, it is imperative to prepare and carry the necessary documents required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience



         Handling of medical enquiries through telephone, email, etc

   •    Scheduling of Appointments and follow-up care

   •    Cost estimation of proposed medical treatment

   •    Personal escort for medical appointments

   •    Language interpretation

   •    We accept payment in foreign currency / international credit & debit cards

   •    Assistance with hospital admission and discharge process

   •    Assistance during inpatient stay and after discharge

   •    Assistance with visa application and extension

   •    Assistance with medical records and prescriptions

   •    Airport Pickup / Drop

   •    Assistance with MEDIF/MEDA (Medical Form issued by the Airlines) for return travel

   •    Certificate from the Foreigner Regional Registration Office

   •    Nursing escort in case of air transfer of sick patients

   •    Issuing necessary documents like treatment summary, leave letters, etc.

   •    Out-patient accommodation arrangements

   •    Travel arrangements for sightseeing

   •    Organize temporary SIM connection

   •    Assistance with flight bookings and rescheduling for return travel



Palon ReWalk provides single and deluxe category of in-patient rooms to offer you a comfortable stay with amenities including satellite TV, Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine menu, room service, laundry service, etc.

International Patients


Patient Name: Miss Zainab Nasiru (17 years/Female)

Country: Nigeria

Speciality: Oral Reconstruction Surgery and Speech Therapy

Date of Treatment: April 2016

The above named patient was suffering from very rare genetic disease since birth, Her face and mouth was extremely enlarged and deformed because of this medical problem. She was not able to talk or eat by her own. With growing age Disease was life threatening as the windpipe was getting blocked. Zainab the took a decision to travel to India and through Baruah’s Telemedicine Centre, Guwahti she consulted to our team of doctors and we planned her journey from rural part of Nigeria to Guwahati, India. She was successfully operated by the team of super specialised surgeons in Guwahati and she wil soon return back to Nigeria by the end of this month.


Patient Name: Mrs. Yawuro Maina Alkali Usman (70 years/Female)


Date of Treatment: May2016

Country: Nigeria

It took over 3 years to decide to go for this surgery. I was not sure if it helps and if I can sustain the surgery. When I consulted Palon ReWalk and talked to Dr Rahul Baruah, many things become much clearer for me and I decided to go for bilateral knee replacement surgery in Guwahati. Dr Rahul and his colleagues did great job. After surgery Palon ReWalk Team were visiting me on daily basis and arranged post surgical advanced Rehab and Physiotherpay. I was also taken good care by all nursing staff who were very responsive to all my needs and requests. I am recovering very fast. I am happy that I will have my follow up sitting in Nigeria, through video consultation to my Doctors in Assam. Back Home I will be strongly recommending Palon ReWalk, Guwahati to everyone I know. Thanks.


Patient Name: Idi Hassan Ibrahim
Treatment: Spine Surgery & NeuroRehab
Country: Nigeria

Patient was suffering for severe back pain radiating to both legs which made him confined to wheelchair since past 1 year. Patient underwent minimal invasive Lumbar Spine Surgery. Surgery was successful and patient recovery good after Post Surgical Neuro Rehab for 2 weeks. Patient was very happy as he returned back to his country without a wheelchair


Patient Name: Mr. Usman
Diagnosis: Low Back Pain (SI Joint Dysfunction)
Country: Nigeria

I visited Palon Rewalk for my chronic Low Back Pain since past 3 years. It made my life difficult that I was not able to walk or stand for long hours. After detailed investigations and assessment by Dr. Rahul Baruah, I underwent extensive Robotic Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. After 2 weeks of treatment at Palon ReWalk, I was completely cured. Thanks to Palon ReWalk team.


Patine Name: Abdulrahman Usman (2 years/ Male)
Speciality: Neurosurgery & NeuroRehab
Country: Nigeria
Date of Treatment: Sept 2016

Patient underwent VP shunting for Hydrocephalus (Complex Brain Surgery) by Dr. Shameem Ahmed (Senior Neurosurgeon). The surgery was successful and patient underwent Advanced Neuro Rehabilitation at Palon ReWalk for 2 weeks.

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